Baby, I’m a Star!

Bordeaux’s Got Talent was a huge success. The residents, staff and visitors all got a great show. The theme was “Baby, I’m a Star” and was done in honor of Prince.

The stage was decorated with many CDs, a disco ball, and a sparkly purple motorcycle. The quality of life staff got the party started by performing “I Would Die for You.” The performance began with a fog machine (like true rock stars have), instruments in hand, and dancing galore. After that, Chaplain Laws began his emcee skills. He introduced Ceanna and Taylor (staff members) who danced to “Bet you Can’t Dance like Me.” Linda, a resident starlet, belted out her rendition of Craig Morgan’s “Something to Write Home About.” To take a break from emceeing, Laws got everyone moving by playing piano and singing while Joe played bass to “Whole Lotta Shakin’.” Joe, maintenance department star, stayed on stage to play guitar and sing George Strait’s “Adalida.” He did it justice! Joe was the guitar player to resident crooner, Jeff, singing Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High.” Kevin, in housekeeping, wowed the crowd with a mime mask, flowers for all of the ladies in the audience, and some smooth dance moves.

Next up, a daily entertainer and resident harmonica player, Bill played with his friend Joe, in maintenance, for back up on guitar and vocals. They taught us what “What the World Go Away” sounds like when two friends perform together. Tameka, a nursing assistant, had an emotional performance singing “I Can’t Give up Now.” Her voice was powerful. She and the crowd got emotional, but her loving coworkers got on stage to show her how much she means to them. Sadly for us, Robert, a nursing assistant, took his son on a field trip the day of the show, but he thought ahead and recorded a gorgeous song for us to play for the crowd. He brought soul and new life into a beautiful hymn. Resident CJ sang and swayed to a song about summer and the beach.

Shocking the crowd with a tribute to the late Merle Haggard, our new resident superstar James played guitar and sang “Mama Tried.” It was perfection. Resident, and lovely lady, Theresa brought the house down by singing a sassy version of “You, Me and He.” Odessa, our resident piano player during many church services, played piano and sang a heartfelt hymn.

Our judges were Joshua, a resident who is not shy to share his opinion, Daniella, our funny business office staff member, and Angela, hilarious director of medical records. The judges gave each act a score. While we tallied the scores, the crowd got to dance to “Party Like It’s 1999.” The scores were very close, and the top three residents and top three staff members got prizes. The only perfect score in the house was James who sang and played “Mama Tried.” The top score for the staff humbly accepted his award, just like George Strait would! Joe deserved the victory. He lent the show his drums, basses, guitars, and motorcycle.

In our opinion, Bordeaux is the most talented facility in the world!